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1945 Hanford Engineer Works
Telephone Directory

Scanned by non-Bomber Bob Canavan and submitted by Burt Pierard ('59)

Front Cover                                                  Back Cover
Front Cover Back Cover
Inside front cover
Abb-Bak, Bak-Bre, Bre-Car, Car-Cox, Cox-Don, Don-Emp, Emp-Fra, Fra-Goo, Goo-Hau, Hau-Hos, Hos-Jer, Jes-Kit, Kla-Loo, Los-McC, McC-Mit, Mit-Nun,
Nur-Pat, Pat-Pow, Pow-Rec, Rec-Sar,
Sav-Smi, Smi-Sto, Sto-Tel,
Ten-U.S., US-Voa,
Voi-Wil, Wil-Zwe,
Inside back cover

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